My dramatic weight loss in under 4 months

Where I Started

Today I want to share with you my personal story of my dramatic weight loss in under 4 months. Disclaimer: As I share this with you keep in mind that I am not a health professional and my views are only my own. Please consult a medical professional and do your own research before beginning any weight loss or health improvement strategy.

Every day I encounter people who struggle with weight and self image. I have spent much of my youth and adult life with this problem. I have exercised like crazy, attempted to minimize my caloric intake but have reached a point where I accepted being over 300 lbs. because I believed it was my genetic condition.

Finding Success

Obviously I’m writing this post for a reason. Over the last 4 months I have lost 73 Lbs. and I am still going. My goal is to be able to be happy with who I see when I look into a mirror. I’m not trying to be a paper weight but I want to be a size that I feel good about and mostly I want to feel healthy and energetic.

Now I realize that what works for me isn’t always what works for everyone. However, I’ve known others who have had very similar results. We are all genetically a little different depending on what climate our ancestors existed in. Many of mine survived harsh conditions in northern Europe where produce was largely scarce in the winter. Some have ancestors that lived in warmer climates where fruit and vegetables were available year round. It is important to understand your genetics.

I don’t want to sound like I’m part of some fad but for me the strongest key to my recent success has been living a ketogenic lifestyle. Combined with my exercise regimen that has been in place for about 3 years (i.e. cycling, weights and swimming) as well as something I’ve only been doing for about 2 months called intermittent fasting, I am ecstatic with my results. In fact even as I write this I was interrupted by an acquaintance asking about my weight loss.

The Game Plan

Now I’ll admit that none of these factors were easy to implement at first. I’ve eaten the standard American diet my entire life and it’s hard to change course but not impossible. Breaking the habit of making poor food choices was difficult especially considering that carbs are everywhere, even in products that you don’t think of as being high in carbs.

I began transitioning by researching the ketogenic diet which lead me to watching YouTube videos from the likes of Dr. Eric Berg and health guru Thomas Delauer. This helped me to visualize my weight loss and feel like it was attainable.

My supportive and loving wife also jumped on board after joining a keto Facebook group. It’s great to have support. I couldn’t have done it without her. She has also lost 33 lbs., looks amazing and in my opinion is more energetic. In fact her cardio surpasses mine on a weekly basis. We both try to support other members of our family who are seeking similar results.

Taking The First Step

I understand how difficult any life change can be but as Mark Twain says, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Progress never feels like progress until it is obvious enough to be seen by everyone. When I first started working on this goal no one even knew until a small handful of people pointed out that my face looked thinner. Now even the least observant can’t ignore it.

So I encourage you to be honest with yourself first, believe in yourself second and commit yourself third. I would never have even started this lifestyle had I not admitted that I needed a change and believed that I could. I also would not have been successful in coming this far had I not committed myself every day to doing what I needed to do in order to get here. And finally find some good old fashion support.

I wish you the best in all of your paths and I thank you for your time.


I'm a northwesterner who enjoys cycling, personal development, education, the great outdoors and most importantly family. I hope that you find this blog to be both enjoyable and insightful.

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