The First Blog Post Ever (or for me anyways)

Hello Reader,

I haven’t written anything in many years besides an email or text or online comment. However, in my younger years writing was a great passion. I had aspired to be a writer but like many aspirations of youth it was pushed by the wayside.

As an adult I’m coming back around to the idea of being a writer through creating this blog. In doing so I hope to rekindle that passion and blow the dust off of my writing skills.

I invite you to come along with me on this journey of continued self-discovery. If any of you have inspired comments or helpful inclinations you would like to share then please feel free to post any comments.

I would like to start this first blog off by discussing the very problem of losing our sights on the things that we once valued and regaining those again. For me I suppose my straying began between that confusing time after high school graduation and my more recent self-discovery.

As a youth I had very little self-confidence which resulted in placing my decision making in the hands of other, sometimes destructive, people and ideologies. Today I can say that things are much better now and for the first time I’m making decisions based on a developed belief in my own capabilities.

I realize this is getting off topic for the theme of this blog but I feel that there are many of you who might have spent your life in much the same state as me and could use some encouragement to find yourself as I believe I am finding myself. Although I suppose this is an unending process.

The theme of this blog is about my interests and passions. Firstly, family is what matters most to me. After all, who are we without our people? Every person in my life has helped to mold me in some way.

I always say that to a child every adult in their life represents an opportunity of who they can be some day. As a parent my children and grandchildren reflect my own childhood and those endless possibilities. And as a husband I have a clear picture as to who I am at this very second.

Secondly, health has become a major focus of my existence. My youth was largely spent overweight and out of shape. Through the discovery of the ketogenic lifestyle I have become the healthiest that I’ve been in ages. My wife and I took this journey together and were so glad that we did. I’ve exercised for a long time but without proper diet, exercise is quite fruitless.

Lastly, the focus of this blog is all about my selfish interests of which there are too many to put in a one sentence blog outline. I love to cycle. Once you get past the sore glutes and incessant leg cramps it is one of the most exciting activities there are. No, it’s not skydiving or bungee jumping but it can be dangerous and overall it’s quite freeing. To transport yourself rapidly on your own energy is empowering and heck it’s exercise.

I am not sure on the overall direction that this blog will take but I do hope you find it of value in your life. For me it’s a big step in a direction that I’ve never gone which excites me most. So thank you for your consideration and for reading this far.


Harley Brix


I'm a northwesterner who enjoys cycling, personal development, education, the great outdoors and most importantly family. I hope that you find this blog to be both enjoyable and insightful.

One thought on “The First Blog Post Ever (or for me anyways)

  • 06/06/2019 at 10:56 AM

    Harley, thanks for doing this blog, your writing is interesting. And entertaining. I’ll keep reading…


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