5 Awesome weekend activities to do with your kids

Ok so the weekend is finally here. You’ve spent 5 days thinking about this moment and now your co worker asks you what you’re going to do. You draw a blank. Your significant other and your kids are counting on you to make it epic. Yes there will be chores to do and maybe some grandparents to see but what then? Fear not fellow entertainer. I’ll share with you 5 awesome weekend activities to do with your kids. In reading this I hope to inspire you by sparking some creativity on your weekend.

1. Do a Project

kid at table with green and red filled beakers

Often times we think of learning as something that stops and starts in the classroom. We often forget how fun science or art projects were in school or how good it felt to accomplish something as cool as building a rocket or crafting a papier-mâché mask.

Doing projects with your kids is a great way to create memories while learning something that might be new to both of you. Through challenging your mind and exploring your creativity you might re kindle a passion for learning yourself. You might also have fun while doing it.

Now I know that the idea of a project sounds overwhelming to plan but there are many great resources for this. One of the coolest sites out there is Kiwi Co (https://www.kiwico.com/explore-kiwico-projects). For about $20 a month they will ship you a new project to do with your little ones. They offer products for all ages in Science, STEM, Arts and more.

If your budget is more restrictive then there are many online and offline resources to help. You can find science projects on CuriOdyssey (https://curiodyssey.org/activities/science-experiments-for-kids/). There are art project sites as well such as https://artfulparent.com/kids-arts-crafts-activities-500-fun-artful-things-kids/. I also recommend checking out The Dangerous Book for Boys or The Daring Book for Girls for some offline creativity.

2. Take a Hike

People hiking in mountains

I know this idea is super cliché but that’s because it’s epic. Hiking is one of my favorite activities that I don’t do nearly enough. Getting outside in nature is good for the body and the mind. According to Web MD hiking can lower your risk of heart disease, improve your blood pressure, boost bone density, build leg strength, strengthen your core, improve balance, help control your weight and boost your mood.

That’s a ton of benefits. This is why hiking is on my 5 awesome weekend activities to do with your kids list. So go online and review local hikes. Make sure you’re prepared with the necessities to keep hydrated and stay safe. If you don’t hike very often then don’t over do it.

3. Escape from a Room (Literally)

clues on a desk

The other day I was at the gym and I heard some kids talking about going to the escape room. After a little research I found out what they were talking about. An escape room is a themed room where you and your team are presented with a scenario that requires a group effort to figure out an escape.

What better way to spend some time with your loved ones and work together? Problem solving as a team is a great way to bond and build trust. The rates are affordable depending on the group size. I am definitely adding this to my 5 awesome weekend activities to do with your kids list.

4. Take a Small Road Trip

Car going down dusty road

I have spent the majority of my life in the area where I currently live but we’re always discovering new places to day trip to or go for the weekend. Whether it’s an impromptu car ride or a planned excursion there are always sights to see or new places to explore.

About a year ago my family and I visited an amazing waterfall in the middle of nowhere that I never knew existed prior to reading a local article about it. We’ve explored a giant cave, the bluest lake I’ve ever seen and many interesting landmarks all within a days trip.

We also like to plan weekend getaways. Being just a few hours from Canada one of my favorite places is Nelson. I love the hot springs and the mountainous scenery is amazing. There are numerous quaint towns in my area, and I’m sure yours as well, worth visiting.

5. Pick a Sport any Sport

Parent helping child bowl

Growing up my dad was into baseball, like many people. We would play pick up games at the park or an empty school field. It was good spending that time with my family and being active. Sports are a great way to bond with your loved ones and get exercise.

I’m recently getting back into fishing. It’s a great way to pass a morning or afternoon and to bond with your kids. You might even bring home dinner. I know not everyone loves fishing; however, there are many casual sports to choose from.

Disc golf has grown extensively over the past few years. There are courses everywhere and even gas stations sell starter sets. If you prefer to you can shoot hoops, play ball or even LARP but the point is that there are many sports you can get into. So get out and explore your options.  Who knows what you’ll find.

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    Great ideas. So much to do. Even the simplest things can be exciting.
    Great writing.


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